Episode 0051 – Playstation!

Once upon a time in Japan…

…Nintendo decided it was time to try out CD-based gaming, and they partnered with an electronics giant to create the most powerful, most sophisticated video game system ever to see the light of day. Then they said “fuck it,” and left Sony holding the tech. Only now in this late hour do they see the folly of their ways! Today, Rick and Philip welcome Ric Hunter to 16Miles2Hell and talk about all things Playstation as we look back at the awesome that was PSX. Continue reading Episode 0051 – Playstation!

Episode 0043 – East Vs. West (Ricardo Reyes)

Just when you thought it was safe to stick your tongue in a lion’s ass, Philip and Rick are back and blasting your tongue-slot with Season 3 of 16Miles2Hell! This week, Ricardo Reyes of the Nerdy for Thirty podcast joins us while we debate the best RPGs out there, and the battle between Eastern and Western RPGs. Swallow a fistful on Adderall and hope on board, this ride isn’t stopping any time soon. Continue reading Episode 0043 – East Vs. West (Ricardo Reyes)