Episode 0056 – The Legend of Joey Dimes

Once upon a time, a corrupt teamster went missing, and the world went apeshit. Over the years, many theories have surrounded the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, and this week on 16Miles2Hell, Madame Bunnie edjumacates us on the all the facts you need to know. Also this week, we discuss the great vengeance and furious anger of those butthurt over a female Doctor, and bring you the Preacher’s Pulpit and our reaction to the episode “Dallas.” Miss this episode and you’ll be swimming with the fishes, see? Continue reading Episode 0056 – The Legend of Joey Dimes

Episode 0053: Preacher-ing to the Choir

After a series of hadoukens and flash kicks, Rick has broken free of the terrorist prison that entrapped him, returning and merging with Philip to form SIXTEENATRON, the most powerful and jailbait robot of them all! Fueled with the power of love (and other Huey Lewis songs), SIXTEENATRON brings you stories of terror, romance, and the return of the Preacher’s Pulpit! This is an episode you don’t want to miss, because much like the rhythm, it’s gonna get you. Continue reading Episode 0053: Preacher-ing to the Choir