Episode 0054 – Urby Lovin’

What do you get when you combine a trash-can with a police car? The Urby-Mech Task Force! This week Philip and Rick welcome special guest John “Grok It” Stephenson for another round of Mechwarrior Online, where we discuss the upcoming Civil War update, the new Battletech game by Harebrained, and Mechwarrior V! Stay tuned in for the Preacher’s Pulpit, wherein we talk about Season 2, Episode 3 of the best damn show on TV. 16Miles2Hell is locked in and ready to blow! Continue reading Episode 0054 – Urby Lovin’

Episode 0049 – Urbymech To The Rescue!

In another spine-tingling episode of #16Miles2Hell, Rick and Philip are joined by John “Grok It” Stephenson and Big Stompy Robots as they brave the Quick Game pool of Mechwarrior Online. What adventure awaits as our heroic Mechwarriors hit the battlefield armed with nothing but Urbanmechs and a smile? Spoiler: We don’t win a single match.

GIT GUD! Continue reading Episode 0049 – Urbymech To The Rescue!

Episode 0039 – Big Stompy Robots (Mechwarrior Online)

Now that Rick isn’t dead and out of the hospital, 16Miles2Hell is back… with big stompy robots! This episode we record the podcast while playing Mechwarrior Online, joined by John Stephenson for the entire show! What disasters await as three incredibly distracted gamers attempt robotic warfare in the distant future? Tune in and find out.

Tomorrow, our YouTube channel will go live with the in-game footage from this podcast. In the future, it will be updated to include video capture of the people playing, and filling in as a daily source of geek news with 16M2HMAN. Stay tuned to the channel as the new year dawns. Continue reading Episode 0039 – Big Stompy Robots (Mechwarrior Online)