Episode 0055 – XBoxing Day

This week on 16Miles2Hell, Rick and Philip sick down with iamrickhunter of the Nerdy For Thirty podcast to discuss the only reasons Americans get the chance to make video games, the XBox! After the games and Tailspin lyrics, we bring you the next edition of the Preacher’s Pulpit wherein we discuss Preacher – Season 02 Episode 04, Victor! If you miss this one, we’ll hunt you down and shove you in a box and ship you to Zimbabwe! 16Miles2Hell starts NOW! Continue reading Episode 0055 – XBoxing Day

Episode 0052 – Pinheads!

This week, Philip has the common sense to send one Rick packing and bring Iamrickhunter in as a PODPERSON replacement! We talk video games, and find out how much of MacDaddy the Philip is as his bikeshake brings all the girls to the yard. What’s that? Pinball! We sucker special guest Brandon Moose9000 to talk about the most tilted topic 16Miles2Hell has ever dared! Feed your ears the awesome and tune in, right now! Continue reading Episode 0052 – Pinheads!