Ogreviewed – For Honor

I really suck at writing shit, these days. Once upon a time, in the magical land of made-up memories, I wrote like a demon. Not only like a demon, but like a motivated demon that was really organized. The kind of demon that didn’t start a writing shift by turning on a video game or checking Facebook. You know, a professional, enthusiastic, and capable demon. And that’s commendable. It’s hard to be a demon and a writer at the same time; both crafts require an insane amount of time and devotion. I like to imagine that this demon found ways to combine his work. For example, while holding a hapless screaming victim over the lip of a volcano to the point where the heat of the lava is melting the captives flesh, he might be holding a tape recorder in his other hand, outlining a plot for his protagonist’s latest romantic romp while working on a llama farm.

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