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I am 40 years old. Yes, I know, I don’t sound it. Thank you! I hate the sound of my voice, but The Beatles are pretty good on the ear. Not every song that they made was great, but there is no doubt that music would be a vastly different place if they’d never been. They aren’t the thing for everyone, and I am by no means a music critic. If anything, I’m just some weird lady that loves music and hasn’t listened to everything considered integral to the formation of this art-form which I love.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is an excellent example. So I figured that since we were going to cover the 50th anniversary of the album, it was a great time for me to listen to it and give you my thoughts! You’re welcome. I listened to this on Amazon Music and it wasn’t in the original mono, but it didn’t affect my review. I know… how gauche of me!

I was going to tell you about the cool cover that is on the original album during the History Hutch, but Rick distracted me! Apparently, it caused quite the stir when it came out, and not just because the artist had put Hitler in the picture! The cover was made by Jann Haworth and Peter Blake. There are occultists, actresses, artists, dictators, and many more on the cover art. No one really knows the meaning that’s telling anyone. Go check out the list of people here!

Without further ado, here are my thoughts:

Track 1 – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

It definitely makes me want to dance. I was bobbing my head right from the beginning. The music could easily be part of today’s music without seeming out of place. I like music that makes me want to move and wiggle. It sets a good tone for the rest of the album.

Track 2 – With a Little Help From My Friends

This is one of the songs I’ve heard, but never all the way through. This one is way more reminiscent of the time period in which the album was written and released. It’s interesting that they specifically say they get high with their friends. It amuses me.

Track 3 – Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds

Marmalade skies? Colors of the sky or drug visions? Does it matter? No! It is whatever it is to you. And I love an orange sky at sunset or sunrise. It reminds me of a non-edible description of Willy Wonka’s place… with a kaleidoscope girl. This song feels more like a drug dream than the others. I don’t the like beat as much, though.

Track 4 – Getting Better

It’s okay. Not my favorite of the album, but definitely kinda catchy. They mention beating a woman. Who was it about? It reflects the idea of the time that beating a woman was just something that happened and was worked through for the sake of a romance. It’s important to remember the times surrounding art and literature to really understand things.

Track 5 – Fixing a Hole

This one feels like it wants to be catchy, but meh? It’s a little weird with a banjo. Definitely on the psychedelic side and ever so slightly off kilter. No.. I don’t know if that’s a Southern phrase, but if you aren’t familiar with ‘off kilter’ it means that it’s off balance or not quite right. Now you know that, too!

Track 6 – She’s Leaving Home

I like the opening. It’s a little sad. Definitely sounds like someone with a broken heart. What I love about music is how you don’t even need words to convey feelings. Interestingly enough, Americans find minor key music to be more sad or creepy, but in some Asian countries, minor key music is associated with happy feelings. Fascinating! I love culture!

Track 7 – Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!

I like the beat of this one. It’s very whimsical. It totally has a circus music feel to it that gives the song a carnival quality. Much like Mr. Kite on a freak show circuit or something. Maybe American Horror Story Freakshow (AHS is one of my favorite shows!) should have used it along with David Bowie.

Track 8 – Within You Without You

Oooh! This one has definite Asian classical music or Bollywood influence to it. It would make a cool song for belly dancing. It sounds like a song that might have been written for Yoko with it talking about their love changing the world and the Asian music influence. Yes.. I know that lots of people blame Yoko for the demise for the Beatles, but he loved her! And, it looks like this was around the time they had met. Who knows? Or as they’d have said when I was younger: “Things that make you go, hmm?” Don’t hit me! It had to be said.

Track 9 – When I’m Sixty-Four

This one seems like it’s something from the 1920s or 30s (I realized that the 2020s were coming and thought ahead!). It has that vaudeville feel to it. It reminds me of music made by Steam Powered Giraffes, which is an awesome Steampunk band. It’s about being retired and being old, but 64 is no longer old. Interesting look into what was old for them. I wonder how they felt about it when some of them hit 64? It’s sad John Lennon never made it to that age.

Track 10 – Lovely Rita

My literal thoughts while listening to this song: “She’s a meter maid and looks hot doing it, even though she kinda looks like an older military man in her uniform. What the hell? LOL! Haha! He was cock-blocked by her sisters! Nice.”

Track 11 – Good Morning Good Morning

Very happy sounding! Especially after the last song which was a little down beat. It’s sudden and unexpected and made me jump. This one has a weird beat to it that changes a lot throughout the song, it almost feels like coerced happiness. Like “I want to be happy, dammit, and so do you!!” Yeah!

Track 12 – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Reprise

Just as catchy and modern as the first play through. I like the idea of a band playing a farewell song at the end of a set. Can we make that a thing? Please?

Track 13 – A Day in the Life

This one has a lovely slow beat to it that belies the sad lyrics a tad. It sounds like it should be a love song, but they sing about sad stuff in a happy way. Culminates in a crazy, kinda hectic sound. Like someone on the ropes might imagine. That’s more colorful language that means you’re at the end of your ability to cope with things. Learning all kinds of things today, aren’t we? After that, it goes into a trippy combination of sounds I can only describe as cacophonous. Who knew you’d need a dictionary to read a blog? Sorry, not sorry.

A random thought I had while listening to the song Penny Lane and watching the fan video for it: “John Lennon was the best looking, but none of them were what I’d call ‘hot'”

Well… that’s it for me, right now. I hope you enjoyed a little insight into my mind and aren’t too traumatized. Feel free to leave me some comments! If you have an idea for a future History Hutch, leave a comment, message us on Facebook, or send me a fluttery tweet!

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