Episode 0030 – We’re Back, Fuckers!


What do you get when you take two hyper-intelligent people and put them in front of a microphone? Fuck knows. The answer to that probably lies over on Star Talk. But if you have been missing your random idiocy about anything and everything, we’ve got you covered right here. Rick and Philip are back, discussing life, video games, disqualification by dick, Strange Things, Preacher, and a whole slew of bad metaphors. You can’t handle the truth with this extra-long episode of 16Miles2Hell! Fuck the Olympics.

16Miles2Hell Is:

Host: Rick A. Carroll
Host: Philip White
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From The Show:

Eve Valkyrie:

World of Warcraft: Legion

Pole Vaulter Dicks Up:

Stranger Things Trailer:

Death and Return of Superman Pitch by Max Landis:


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