Episode 0048 – Resistance is Feudal

What happens when grown adults give up life in the real world to recreate a time medieval? An awesome time, every time. This week we’re going digital into the game Life is Feudal: Your Own, where two GM’s from the immensely popular RPCLiF server stop in to school Rick and Philip on all things Feudal! Verily, thine countenance doth not wish to miss this!

This Week’s Guests:
Brother and Sicarius of RPCLiF!

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Host: Philip White
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Music by Buffalo Down.

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John Olliver’s shortcut through FCC Bullshit: www.gofccyourself.com

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6 thoughts on “Episode 0048 – Resistance is Feudal”

  1. I just want to provide a counterpoint to the interview of RPCLIF. I would also like to mention that I am a member of the Iron Watch. First off I want I feel its prudent to mention that Brother asked the leader of our community to come play on RPCLIF with the intention of bringing more pvp to the server. What we encountered was very different than the lovely story Brother and Sicarius painted in the interview. While we did enjoy the overarching story the GM team was trying to create, we found that since the GMs played as characters who ran certain kingdoms, any time you opposed them in any way, whether it be RP or PVP, you were met with, multiple players submitting rules violations against you, the GMs who had a bias against you would rule on those tickets and ALWAYS rule in their favor regardless of what the situation was.

    Our group actually has a video of one of our raiding parties who encountered a GM as a player out riding alone. She refused to RP with us, then tried to run away, as per the rules, we were allowed to attack her and so we did and ended up killing her. She then respawned, spawned in all her lost gear and attacked us again in clear violations of the rules, this happened 3 times , with her dying each time. The next day that GM banned one of our characters saying they attacked her during the day without any RP. When the leaders of our community tried to talk to the GMs about the issue, they refused to give us any reasoning or evidence behind the bans, and when pressed on the issue they threatened to ban our leaders as well. This sort of treatment continued all the time, on several occasions we encountered players who, instead of RPing with the Iron Watch members, threatened them by saying that a GM lived in their town and they would ban us if we attacked them.

    Our members enjoyed RPing with other people and several had elaborate stories they were hoping to tell, and yet, since we weren’t part of the “in” crowd we were generally ignored, or, more often than not, attacked on sight. We rarely submitted tickets about this because we actually like getting into fights! Sicarius mentioned that diplomacy was very rich in the game. No one uses diplomacy ingame anywhere. All agreements are done by backdoor channels in a discord server where everyone just chats freely. If you attempt to do anything like that using the ingame global chat, multiple players will report you for rules violations. He also mentioned PVP groups wanting to play on RPCLIF, I have friends who are in 7 or 8 different pvp groups, none of them want to play on RPCLIF, in fact, just about everyone i’ve met who plays life is feudal has tried to play on RPCLIF and just about everyone has the same opinion, mainly: RPCLIF has a closed community who will drive away anyone who isn’t part of their ranks or doesn’t have a friend to get them in. There are thousands of people who play life is feudal, and I think you’ll find the vast majority of them hate RPCLIF with a passion. Having seen how the server is run, I can attest first hand that there are times when the server population is very low, and suddenly lots of players will log in only to stand around and do nothing, even when the server is totally dead with no one doing anything it always seems to have a high population rating.

    In the end, the GM team decided they had enough of us, they issued us an ultimatum, if anyone submits a ticket about any member of the iron watch for any reason, they would just ban us permanently without even looking at the ticket. Needless to say, most of our group were shocked, We played by their rules, and even changed and adapted when they made new rules or decided some rules applied to us in certain ways but not to anyone else like that. We accepted and did not complain when they cheated against us, but since we opposed their little kingdoms in both RP and PVP, and they could not fight worth a damn even when cheating, I guess they decided the only way to win was to use their GM power to remove us. We were on that server not quite a month, in that time, we had close to 30 members and probably all told, spent nearly 500 hours across all our people building up our castle and kingdom and now its all gone. I would like to call out Brother as a spineless coward because he did nothing to stop any of this abuse, even when we asked him for help, and when the GMs issued their ultimatum, he even sided with them saying “the GMs don’t like you guys, so in order to keep our community i’m going to have to side with them” and he was the one who asked us to play here! I thought it very interesting that during the interview both brother and sicarius went out of their way to paint a very happy picture of a community that is unbelievably caustic.

    Since they’ve mentioned the MMO quite a bit, I’m really excited to play with their community on the MMO, even with just my group, and the ones my friends are on, theres several hundred of us who have a score to settle with rpclif.

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      While appreciate your stance and point of view, we were not referencing any single event during the course of the podcast with regards to PVP activity. If you have an issue to take up with the RPCLiF GMS, you might try the RPCLiF website at http://www.rpclif.net

      I am very excited to play the MMO as well, though I feel I will probably ultimately gravitate toward the smaller experience with Your Own. That being said, I damn well want to pwn some nubz in the mass-scale release. We’ll see which last the longer for me.

      1. Also, I just want to say, that your comments counter to what was said during the interview are completely welcome! Just that there is little that we at 16Miles2Hell can do to affect anything based on them. That said, you are more than welcome to bring you conversation and viewpoint here.

    2. Lol at the comment. From my experience on multiple servers, Iron Watch is probably the whiniest and saltiest group on all of LiF. So much of this comment is probably just made up.

      I’ll also just say that in my experience on RPCLiF, the GM team has been completely fair, helpful, and transparent. Lots of fun over there and good group of guys.

    3. I also have to in my two pence here, as one of the few gms who actually engaged in pvp with your group, 75% of the post is false, brother did not invite you to the server, he welcomed you when he saw you were on it.

      Only one guild in the entire server is run by a gm, and that ultimatum is false.

      The only Ultimatum you were given was that should percival attempt to evade his ban a fourth time and you yet again try to hide him, you would all be punished.

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