Episode 0045 – Megadething For Fun and Profit

Daring dorks of mystery, podcasters of might! Swoops out of the Internet, 16Miles2Hell is back. Somewhere some dumbass screams, ’cause we said he sucks! 16Miles, 2Hell is back motherfuckers. 16Miles! (Let’s get Smoot-erous). 16Miles2 (2 Hell, 2 Hell).

That’s right, Rick and Philip are back after an extended 16-A-Cation and we’re bringing the thunder with an episode dedicated to Megadeth, including our picks for the top 3 Megadeth tracks. 16Miles2Hell! Proving that talent is nowhere near as important as people say it is.

16Miles2Hell Is:

Host: Rick A. Carroll
Host: Philip White
Music by Buffalo Down
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Music by Buffalo Down.

Links from the show!

Squaring the Strange – The new podcast by Pascual Romero and Ben Radford!
Nerdy for Thirty – Rick is a guest on last week’s podcast by Rick Hunter and Chris Redfield!
Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Website!

Video References from the show!

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