What To Do When You Get an Offer You Can’t Refuse, AKA Mafia Etiquette

Greetings and Salutations, my little kits!

I hope you all listened to this month’s History Hutch before you read this. It’s relevant. I promise!

Today, kits, we’re discussing Mafia etiquette.

You know how it is: you’re walking down the street with your friends, hanging out, trying to decide what you want to do. While discussing the options,  one of you says “Hey! I have a cousin named Joey Dimes that has a great  Italian restaurant down the street!” You love Italian food. It’s hot as balls out since it’s the middle of the Summer and you know there will be an air conditioner there. Then you realize the food will probably be free, so, you agree enthusiastically.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Maybe we don’t really need anyone to answer that, on second thought.

Regardless, your friend now has you in a precarious position. You don’t want to end up sleeping with the fishes, wearing cement shoes, or having Joey Dimes leave a horse head in your bed. Whatever will you do?

I know! Read the rest of this post before you eat at Joey Dimes’ place, it could save your life!

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Song Thoughts – Sgt. Pepper’s 50 Years Later


Greetings and Salutations, my little kits!

I have missed you all! Even the imaginary friends I have just to make me feel like someone’s reading this.

I am 40 years old. Yes, I know, I don’t sound it. Thank you! I hate the sound of my voice, but The Beatles are pretty good on the ear. Not every song that they made was great, but there is no doubt that music would be a vastly different place if they’d never been. They aren’t the thing for everyone, and I am by no means a music critic. If anything, I’m just some weird lady that loves music and hasn’t listened to everything considered integral to the formation of this art-form which I love.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is an excellent example. So I figured that since we were going to cover the 50th anniversary of the album, it was a great time for me to listen to it and give you my thoughts! You’re welcome. I listened to this on Amazon Music and it wasn’t in the original mono, but it didn’t affect my review. I know… how gauche of me!

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Ogreviewed – For Honor

I really suck at writing shit, these days. Once upon a time, in the magical land of made-up memories, I wrote like a demon. Not only like a demon, but like a motivated demon that was really organized. The kind of demon that didn’t start a writing shift by turning on a video game or checking Facebook. You know, a professional, enthusiastic, and capable demon. And that’s commendable. It’s hard to be a demon and a writer at the same time; both crafts require an insane amount of time and devotion. I like to imagine that this demon found ways to combine his work. For example, while holding a hapless screaming victim over the lip of a volcano to the point where the heat of the lava is melting the captives flesh, he might be holding a tape recorder in his other hand, outlining a plot for his protagonist’s latest romantic romp while working on a llama farm.

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Donner Dinner Party and You

Fancy dinner

Greetings and Salutations my little kits (that is a baby bunny for those who wish to know these kinds of things)!

Welcome to my maiden blog post for 16MilestoHell.

Recently, on Madame Bunnie’s History hutch, we discussed the dreadfully tragic Donner Party. Lots of fantastic information was shared there that I won’t be repeating here, but you can tune in here to listen to it.

Interestingly, the Donner Party was not a pleasant get together between friends where they shared a lovely meal, but more of a matter of life and death between people who barely knew each other, in some cases, and didn’t like one another, in other cases. Luckily, while some things called a party are equally unpleasant, this is not the case for most party based enterprises.
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The Internet is Not for Children

As I sit down to properly type out a first post to our website, I have noticed that the trend du jour on Facebook is to shame and finger-wag at those who have taken to Twitter to make fun of President Trump’s son Barron. The posters are all confused and even mystified that someone would “attack” the underage child of our new President. Honestly, I’m mystified that you’re mystified. Continue reading The Internet is Not for Children

Roadhog is my Mofo

It’s safe to say that I have been getting into Overwatch lately, and as that is the case, it makes sense for me to write about that as my first blog post for 16Miles2Hell Blogs. So there he is, in all his glory, just to the left over there. Isn’t he awesome? A big fat guy with a gas mask, flack cannon, and a hook. It’s like Blizzard stepped into my head and said, ‘yeah, let’s make this fucker just for Thraz.’ Continue reading Roadhog is my Mofo