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Jun 24, 2016

Strap in to #16Miles2Hell, the only podcast where you can grab yourself while reading the episode title, and it's totally appropriate. This week's episode is extra long and extra strong, because we've added an extra dong! Ric Reyes takes his seat in the Action Megabunker and we have a chat going behind the scenes...

Jun 17, 2016


At the height of Election Fever, we at the 16Miles2Hell Mega Action Bunker (located somewhere under Connecticut) realized that we don't shit about... well, much of anything, but in this case about how our great country came to be! So we reached out to the void and brought forth Miss Bunnie to teach of us...

Jun 10, 2016

Better late than never? BETTER PASCY THAN EVER! This week on 16Miles2Hell, Rick and Philip are blown to the side by the triumphant return of former host Pascual Romero, who bends the podcast over his Adonis-like knee and love-spanks it into submission.