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Jan 26, 2018

We're not done talking sci-fi yet, mofos! After last week's explosive chat about all things Star Wars, Rick and Philip are back to bring the deets on the best Science Fiction Table Top game ever - AEON! As the Trinity Contiumm and Trinity Contriuum: Aeon Kickstarter go live next week, we have invited the Trinity Head Pooh-bah Ian Watson, the Storypath Guru Daniella Lauzon, and That Guy Over There Eddy Webb to the Action Mega Bunker to talk all things Trinity. Excitement! Danger! Romance? Will Onyx Path Publishing save the world for ALL MANKIND? All of these things and more this week on 16Miles2Hell!


This Week's Special Guests: Ian Watson, Danielle Lauzon, and Eddy Webb!

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